William Davenport is a filmmaker, musician, publisher, writer, teacher and autism activist. He is best known for his documentary films about autism, also for his work as the publisher of Unsound magazine, and as the founding member of the experimental/noise band Problemist. In 2011 Davenport directed the feature documentary "Too Sane for This World". This film explores the challenges, gifts and unique perspectives of 11 adults on the autism spectrum. The film features an introduction by Dr. Temple Grandin.

William Davenport performing as The Problemist, circa 1989

Davenport teaching documentary filmmaking at the Washington International School, 2013

In 2013 Davenport directed the feature documentary "Citizen Autistic". The history of civil rights in America has been marked by the hard-won progress of one category after another of oppressed and marginalized citizens who stand up and demand recognition, respect, and equal access to the benefits of modern society. William Davenport's film Citizen Autistic brings us an inside look at the front lines of the autistic civil rights movement, showcasing autistic activists and self-advocates on the front lines of this struggle for inclusion, and freedom from persecution. In 2013 Davenport directed a music video for the band Array, which features Robyn Steward and Mark Tinley, who are both on the autism spectrum. The video is for the song, "Spacecadet" was released on April 2, 2013 - World Autism Day. In 2014 Davenport released the short documentary "Conquering Heights", the story of a man on the autism spectrum who completed a 100 mile ski expedition. Davenport completed a series of films that focus on the music and zine scenes that originated in the 1980's. In 2016 he completed the series of films under the title Unsound Redux. The four films explore the world of experimental and noise music: "The Great American Cassette Masters", "The New Punks". "Ziners" and "The People's Music". Continuing the theme of music documentaries, William completed two films in 2018: "Media About Media About Media: The Negativland Story" and "Hunting Lodge: The Story of Two Nomad Souls." He is currently working on three films slated for 2021: "The Food Relationship", "2 Sane for This World, and "So Called Freedom". He will also be touring with his band Problemist, and will be releasing a book about filmmaking and autism titled "The Autistic Filmmaker". 

Unsound, Volume 3, #2cover
Problemist, 1983
With Temple Grandin, 2010
William, 1981
With Lon from Hunting Lodge, 2015
William, 2014
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